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Mara Restoration, Inc. and Jamison Masonry Restoration, LLC have merged.

Mara Restoration, Inc. announced the completion of its merger with Jamison Masonry Restoration, LLC, a transaction that positions Mara Restoration as a regional leader in the masonry restoration business. In connection with the merger, clients of Jamison Masonry Restoration have been transferred to Mara Restoration.

The combination of Mara Restoration, Inc. and Jamison Masonry Restoration, LLC creates a single company with the ability to expand service locations, improve market share and increase labor pool with a conversion to union representation.  

Mara Restoration and Jamison Masonry Restoration are officially together in one great company, family owned and dedicated to our clients.” said Mara Restoration CEO Patricia McNamara. “Part of our strategic growth plan has been to expand upon our already strong foundation and enter markets which were not accessible prior to the merger. This merger gives Mara Restoration an opportunity to leap ahead with our goals and produces in a short time what would have taken us years to build on our own.

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